Game Gumshoes MIA

First let me apologize to any of the game companies that I failed to do reviews for. As a small independent game reviewer I only have myself to blame for the reviews not getting finished in a timely manner. I plan on rectifying this. Over the past year I have let my domain go because … Continue reading Game Gumshoes MIA


I first want to apologize to all of the game companies who placed faith in me to take care of prompt reviews of their products that they gave me at Gencon this past year. I also want to apologize to the fans and followers of Game Gumshoes, for them not having any new content over … Continue reading Apologies

Asmodee Digital Announces New Games at Spiel Essen ASMODEE DIGITAL ANNOUNCES NEW GAMES AT SPIEL ESSEN We are exhibiting at Spiel Essen this week and want to share some of our newest announcements with those of you playing along at home!  We announced at the Gen Con that we are developing digital adaptations of Carcassonne, Abalone, … Continue reading

News Time: Modiphius News

A few messages from Modiphius Hi there, We’re pleased to announce the release of Children of Orion – The Venu Sourcebook, the brand new supplement for Mindjammer – The Roleplaying Game, from ENnie-award winning writer Sarah Newton (Mindjammer, Legends of Anglerre, Achtung! Cthulhu, Monsters & Magic) and David Donachie (Mindjammer, Legends of Anglerre, Solipsist). “YOU … Continue reading News Time: Modiphius News